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Datamaker Subsetting - Manage relationship between tables

Question asked by ca.ddias on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Anil Kumar Appukuttan



Actually i´m working to generate a subset, and publishing it by a CA Datamaker DataPool...


Here is a trouble i´m facing now...

I have a Mother table (tab1), that have many tables related.


I have to recreate the Key field of the main table, using data i get from a free numbers table, wich set me the next code for it...


It´s working, i can get the new value from the field, on the main table normally...

But i need to use the new key created, on to the child tables.


On the child tables, i tried to use ^Tab1.KeyField(1)^, like this (First line, main table with the function, second child table...):


But using that way, i´m always getting the number 1 row of the principal table.


How can i manage the relationship between all tables?