Tech Tip: TDoD error: The type initializer for 'Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleClientFactory' threw an exception

Discussion created by gilta03 Champion on Jan 9, 2018

I am trying to use Test Data on Demand (TDoD) to expose the data pools I have created in Datamaker. When trying to start the TDoD service, I am seeing the following error messages in the log files:


2017-08-02 09:38:29,411 [4] FATAL GTWCFHost.GTWCFHost - Exception occurred while opening service host connection 
2017-08-02 09:38:29,448 [4] FATAL GTWCFHost.GTWCFHost - Exception: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. 
2017-08-02 09:38:29,448 [4] FATAL GTWCFHost.GTWCFHost - Inner Exception: The type initializer for 'Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleClientFactory' threw an exception. 


This is the error I am seeing in the TDoD Config Editor: 
Unable to start TDoD Service in specified interval. Please check service logs for any error 


To view the cause and resolution of this issue, please go here-