Tech Tip: R/R Pair export from TDM Portal to files

Discussion created by gilta03 Champion on Jan 9, 2018

We have registered an R/R Pair in the Portal. We want the document ID to be an abbreviation of our R/R Pair name. So the R/R Pair is called TestDataManager and the document ID is called TDM. We then want to synthetically create the data and publish to our source database. After that we want to export our Object, the R/R Pair. However, the export is failing with the following error message: No documents exported for the input of docGroupid [TDM] and rrlinkid [TDM]

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Register Object -> New Object -> R/R Pair (called Test Data Manager) 
2. Upload Request & Response Files 
3. Click on Registered object, select connection profile, set document group ID=TDM, R/R Pair Link ID=TDM, Table Prefix=TDM 
4. Create and Register Tables 
5. Click on TestDataManager, the R/R Pair, and press erase button 
5. Create New Generator 
6. Press Import Data (Up Arrow) Document Group ID=TDM, RR Pair Link ID=TDM, Upload Request/Response files, Import to Generator, Press Import 
7. Synthetically generate data (randlov seedlist for a value) 
8. Publish to source (SQL Server database) – Publishes successfully 
9. Navigate to Objects -> TestDataManager, Press Export 
10. Export Data fails with following error: “=No documents exported for the input of docGroupid [TDM] and rrlinkid [TDM].” 


1. The export works with the initial data that was imported. 
2. If you publish 1 row with the initial data, and synthetically generate 100, it will only export 1 row.


To view the cause and resolution of this issue, please go here-