Tech Tip: Portal: Exports R/R XML pairs with incorrect namespace designators

Discussion created by gilta03 Champion on Jan 9, 2018

In a File Publish, when exporting from our Data Pool to XML, the XML namespace designators are incorrect. For example, the Portal adds the namespace as "tdsns1" to the response XML after exporting. The source R/R pairs do not have "tdns1" tags. See the below comparison: 


- Before TDM:


- After TDM Export: 
<tdsns1:DELINQUENTDATE tdsns1:DAY="03" tdsns1:MONTH="01" tdsns1:YEAR="0001"/> 


Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Have existing data pool with all the rules created. 
2. Make it available for self-service and as a tile on TDoD. 
3. Create new request. 
4. Submits/publishes successfully. 
5. Export back into XML format. 
- You can see that 'tdsns1' has been added before every line, when it should look like the original. 


To view the cause and resolution of this issue, please go here-