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Apply Self-Signed Certificate to CA Service Catalog

Question asked by jordanreich on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Jason_Wolfe

Hey all,


We are trying to wrap up the setup process for our testing environment. One of the last steps is to apply an SSL certificate to CA Service Catalog. This has been shown to be problematic.


On our production environment, we used a vendor issued certificate. To appropriately apply this certificate we had to separate all three levels (root, imt, and domain) of the vendor certificate into .CER files. Then import these files directly into a keystore. Pointing the server.xml to the keystore to allow the certificates to run correctly.


However, in the test environment, this appears to be more problematic. The same steps do not appear to work. We are using a self-signed certificate within our test environment instead of a vendor issued certificate. As it is not necessary. I attempted the same steps above. While non-SSL will load fine. I cannot get SSL to load using a wide variety of different attempts to create the keystore. It just spins/and/spins.


I have been able to get SSL to load a couple of times. But it loads the .keystore -genkey file. Which allows the HTTPS to load. But it is not trusted as it was not issued by our domain certificate authority. So that is not a solution. CA Service Catalog works in every other aspect, just having issues with the certificates. 


Is there documentation on this? Any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated!


Thank You