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Continious Integration Masking

Question asked by Ajit.kumar.rahi.1 on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Ajit.kumar.rahi.1

Hi Team/All,


As everyone moving towards the CI/CD; we got request CI masking, refer attached diagram for Data masking flow:

1. All PII Data Files are available at Share path (Files/replace/repeat/replication/). file format should be like Loan_Code_01112018.dat (Date will change everyday for the files).

2. Once the files placed into the above path, a automated batch job triggered pertaining to file type for masking and after Masking data will be placed at path :file/repeat/giw/redact/output/ , with same name of the file.

3. File must be removed or archived from source environment after masking/redaction. step 2 will repeat whenever new file comes into Source.

4. If masking fails it will raise an alert to user.


Please help on the above can be doable with our CA TDM tool components.


please feel free to ask any clarification if any.