Tech Tip: Datamaker: Unable to access repository-ORA-24247 error

Discussion created by gilta03 Champion on Jan 10, 2018

When trying to connect to the repository database in Datamaker, we are receiving the following error message:


Profile: gtrep
Title: Test Data Repository 
Database Fatal Error Message: ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL) 
ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_INADDR", line 19 
ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_INADDR", line 40 
ORA-06512: at line 1 
Transaction Error Code: -1 
Database Error Code: 24247 


CA Test Data Manager - Datamaker Details: 
GUI Version: (6/22/2017 22:04:38) 
REP Version: 3.2I 
Transaction Details: 
PB DBMS driver: ORA Oracle 
Client Version: Production 
Server DBMS: Oracle (oracle) 
Server Version: 


To view the cause and resolution of this issue, please go here-