Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Arabic characters doesn't show up on page protected by Web Agent

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Jan 11, 2018


We are integrating a specific application with CA SSO, and we are protecting the web server with a Web Agent. Then, when a user access to the page, and click on "Report Home" tab, on the right pane the results are written with "?" signs instead the Arabic characters we would expect. Therefore, the results are not readable.

If we disable the Web Agent, then we can see the values correctly with the Arabic characters as expected.

How can we fix this ?




Policy Server R12.52 SP1 CR00 on RedHat 6 64bit;

SPS R12.52 SP1 CR04 on RedHat 6 64bit;




You have to follow the documentation to set the local variable that the browser should use :


Set the SMSERVERLOCALE Response Header Variable in the UI


A policy administrator can use the Administrative UI to set the preferred locales in which the Policy Server serves a request.

To set preferred locales as a response, use the SMSERVERLOCALE response attribute.

Follow these steps:


Log on to the Administrative UI.

Click Policies, Domain.

Click Responses.

Edit a response that you want to modify.

Click the Define Response tab.

Edit the Response Attribute that you want to modify.

Select the Attribute Type as WebAgent-HTTP-Header Variable.

Type SMSERVERLOCALE in Variable Name.

Type the preferred locales in Variable Value.

Save the changes.


Extracted from:


The value to be changed should be as follows:


For Arabic, you may use the following value :




Additional Information:
Using Language Identifiers (RFC 3066)


KB : TEC1035498