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Masking the Files

Question asked by satish.kumar.enni on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by satish.kumar.enni

Hi Team,


Can anyone provide your inputs to overcome my scenario as explained below

1. I will get a production files to a file path with different naming conventions

2. So I have to mask the PII columns in the files and put it in other file path location(other server location)


Adding to the above requirement, I will get production files from different branches with different naming convention into same file path(there will be no subfolders)

If file is from trade branch, the naming convention of file will be trade_ddmmyyyy

If file is from corporate branch, the naming convention of file will be corporate_ddmmyyyy


So depend upon the naming convention of file the masking batch should run, for example if production filename is with trade_30012017 then my masking rules which are already built for trade file should be apply and then put it in the target file location(other server location)


Please let me know, if my explanation is not clear