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Configuring weather and heat on XFlow

Question asked by jwood1 on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by jwood1

Hi guys, 

I have been struggling to configure heat and weather on ServiceDesk and XFlow. 


In the XFlow interface, according to documentation I should see a weather symbol to the left of the alert symbol. 



I have created a weather configuration in the admin UI


And a heat configuration as well (I made the group a group that I belong to, but not sure if this is correct?)



But how is this configured overall, how does XFlow pickup the weather configuration and heat configuration I just created?


In options manager, all of below were already installed with the exception of on_access_heat_calculation. 

I installed this and restarted ServiceDesk and Xflow Services.


I still don't see a weather icon and when I view a ticket in xflow, there is no heat value either. 


Just like when you define and create object managers/webengines in the UI and run a would XFlow pick up these configurations?  Is it automatic?

Or am I totally confused?