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SQLServer metrics on USM

Question asked by Jean Gomes on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by Jean Gomes

Hello Guys,


I would like to ask your help.


We are monitoring a Windows Server 2012 server and the SQL Server application and everything is correct,
data are being collected, stored, and displayed in USM on UMP.


However, data from SQLServer is not being displayed, only data from other probes like cdm, ntservices, etc.


Figure 1: USM of Server, without SQL Server metrics.


Figure 2: Probes deployed on Server, with SQLServer.


Figure 3: Data from SQLServer probe on Performance Reports


I already deployed the sqlserver probe again,deleted the USM item via CSKEY,
cleaned the NIS Cache from the monitoring agent, etc and none of these actions
presented results.


Could someone help with this case?


ump version 8.20
hub version 7.70
discovery_server version 8.20
discovery_agent version 8.41
robot version 7.80
sqlserver version 5.10


Jean Gomes