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CA Service Catalog, Connection Failure, To EEM

Question asked by jordanreich on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by jordanreich

Hey all,


CA Service Catalog has connected fine to the EEM in the past. This is a relatively new installation in a testing environment. We applied SSL certifications to the web layer (not background layer) of EEM through iTechnology. 


This historically (and in this case) caused the connections between the applications and EEM too no longer function correctly. So I went ahead and reconfigured Process Automation works fine.


When attempting to reconfigure CA Service Catalog I'm getting the following error, almost instantly:

EEM connection for host dhslab-appl147 is not successful. Please verify the connection details.


I have attempted pointing to the primary server, the secondary server. Using the FQDN. Using the load balancer. None of the options appear to work. The attempts WILL lock out the EEM, EiamAdmin, account which seems to indicate that the query is at least reaching the server then being denied. Or not accepted. Not sure if this is an issue with needing to dump the certificate chain for the SSL into the JAVA cacerts keystore? But I have never had to do this within EEM in the past.


I have PING and communicate with all of those domains without issue.

There are no firewalls currently on (or active), within this environments.


Any thoughts?