Load Data-ware House Job Failed

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We are upgrading our non-production instance from ca ppm 14.2 sp11 to ca ppm 15.2 sp5. During pre-grade, we get to know that Data ware house setup is required to perform the upgrade for next level.


In our current production and all non-production system we are not using DWH and Jasper Soft with CA PPM 14.2 SP11 version.  In order to full fill the requirement of pre-upgrade check, we started the setup of DWH in our non production instance with help of DBA. We followed the document suggested by CA and we were succeeded to create the DWH Schema on same CA PPM Database and created the DB Link as ppmdblink and tested the below query from ppm_dwh scream. Everything was working fine.


select count(1) from [dblink].[cappm database server schema].niku.srm_resources


Later in CA PPM Admin side we configured the system option and CSA as mentioned in install and upgrade guide document and everything was looking fine.


We ran the time slice job and noticed the new DWH time slices in system and job ran successfully. Now, when we are executing Load data ware house job and getting the below error. The same error is appearing in bg_dwh log. There is no error in any other logs .


Log Entry



Job Started

1/12/18 10:14 AM


1/12/18 10:14 AM

Executing ETL Job.


1/12/18 10:14 AM

dwh_db_check_ - An error occurred executing this job entry : Couldn't execute SQL: EXEC DWH_CFG_PRE_CONFIG_SP 'ppmdblink.HNA_DEV.niku', 'N' [CA Clarity][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Procedure or function DWH_CFG_PRE_CONFIG_SP has too many arguments specified.


1/12/18 10:14 AM

ETL Job Failed. Please see log bg-dwh.log for details.

Job Completed

1/12/18 10:14 AM

NJS-0401: Execution of job failed.


Any suggestions?