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SDM client Messeage of restart

Question asked by sharamateti on Jan 15, 2018
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We are running servicedesk manager on R14.1 cp3 , and its one user who repeatedly reported that he gets popup of services restart. We normally get the attached popup when services were restarted, but it’s not the case since the application is up and running. And as said, its only for one user we having the issue. Could you suggest me how to investigate for this user. I dont want to have the logs in details mode on production since it happens for one user and that too it happend thrice in last 2 months.

Question: 1) Apart from system/services restart , when we can see this popup.

                 2) Is their any way to capture logs from client to investigate when it happens.


Alert message: Sorry, the server has been restarted. Press OK to close all Saab CA Service Desk Manager windows and return to the login form"