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Perform Service Desk Manager - SDM administrative activities [Benchmarking]

Question asked by rmps on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by rmps

Can the administrative functions of the Service Desk Manager (eg web screen painter, pdm's command execution, application log's checking and tracking) , only be performed inside the server?


In our company, the datacenter sector is responsible for the administration of the servers and thus they inform that there is restriction for direct access to the servers.


For the WSP, we even install the client, but because it is HA, the client presents an error and informs that the program does not run in HA. Even if we could solve the WSP problem, we would lack access to the DOS prompt to execute the PDM's commands.


So, I ask if is there a way to accomplish the administrative functions of SDM without being inside the server? As beachmarking, I would like to know how you work in your companies.


Thank you so much,


Rafael Matoso