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Not able to publish using TDMPublisherService API

Question asked by Prashanth18 on Jan 16, 2018
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I am trying to automate the process of publishing using the API TDMPublisherService, But I am finding difficult to input the parameters.

Let me brief on the things that I have tried before posting a query on this portal.


I am using Postman to get the authorization and Bearer token with which I am successfully able to connect to the server. I also imported the [1] TDM API - Postman collection. into my POSTMAN application. 

Now, on following [2]  Use APIs to Prepare Test Data for Non-Relational Sources - CA Test Data Manager - 3.6 - CA Technologies Documentation and the TDM API Imported from first link I see a difference 


I get result as 


I am not able to understand what data, I need to fill and from where do I get that data.

Some detailed explanation on the inputs that needs to be provided would be really helpful. 


Also, Why there is a difference in the API between the link [1] and [2] Just to make sure I have imported the right API


Is there any debugging methods or logs that gets created for which I can track on the errors? 


Thanks and regards