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Partition vs. OBS - please advise

Question asked by BarneaShani on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by urmas

Hello everyone  

In my division CA PPM was implemented a few months ago in 4 out of 5 departments. 

The 5th department requires special adaptations such as adding extra attributes to the project object, showing different values in 2-3 existing attributes and launching different Gantt templates. 

Except those few differences, all other objects, process, roles and OBS are similar to all other departments.

We are not sure if these differences are enough to just for partitioning the system instead of using the OBS of the department to apply its changes. What are the pros and cons for partitioning and is it better than the alternative in this scenario? 

I would be grateful for your advice and ideas about this issue. 

Many thanks to you all!