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Question about Account list when configure auto-login to EC2 in AWS

Question asked by huaso01 Employee on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by prira01

We have 3 EC2 instances in AWS and each instance has different key pair associated with it. And 3 accounts are created for each instance. So have total of 9 accounts are added to PAM.



Then configure auto-login to one of EC2 instance, when add account to the target application, only 3 of accounts appear not total of 9.


 My assumption is that PAM will only list account associated with that EC2 instance. 


Use above example, we have A,B,C EC2 instances and have corresponding AKey,BKey,CKey key-pairs.

1,2,3 accounts created for each instance. So there will be total 9 accounts.


1-AKey, 2-AKey, 3-AKey;

1-BKey, 2-BKey, 3-BKey;

1-CKey, 2-CKey, 3-CKey.


And configure auto-login to A instance, PAM will list only 1-AKey, 2-AKey, 3-AKey accounts that are associated with this A instance not all 9 of them.


Can anyone confirm it is how PAM works currently or is it a bug?



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