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Not able to connect to SAP server using SAP IDOC step - displaying partner not reached

Question asked by Aarav6 on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Ulrich_Vogt

Hi Team,


I am trying to connect to SAP application server using the below details using SAP IDOC sender step. My intention is to send an IDoc to the SAP PI system

  1. Host
  2. System number
  3. User
  4. Password
  5. client

In the host field, I have provided port number (hostname:50000) also. Tried to test the connectivity to SAP server. It is displaying the below error

ERROR       hostname '' unknown


I provided only the hostname in the host field. The below error is displayed

ERROR       partner '' not reached


It seems like, the SAP is connecting to the default port 3300. How can I make the host to connect to the specific port 50000. Is there anything else to be needed from my end.

Appreciated your support.