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Facing issue with smkeyexport command

Question asked by PankajSh0 on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by PankajSh0

Hi All,


I am trying to get the encryption key updated and executing the smkeyexport command. But when doing it I am getting the below error,


[ewamsvc@sesbiuwsa00003 siteminder]$ smkeyexport -okeys.txt -d<SMAdminUserName> -wSMAdminPwd -c

Fatal Error: Check admin credentials or admin is not authorized for this operation.


Even though the SMAdminUserName I am using is the SuperUser in AdminUI and with the same credentials I am able to login to the Admin UI. But on the policy server I am getting this error.


Can you please let me know if the SMAdminUser to be used for smkeyexport command is different than the one I am trying with.



Pankaj Sharma