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IdM 12.6 - How to let some user have more than 1 account

Question asked by docldap on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Bill_Patton

Hi there. As a business requirement, I need to let some users to have more than 1 account on target system (this is because some users has their personal users, and also an admin user.


I have mapped some attribute (personal id) to some user attribute, on Provisioning Manager - System configuration. I moved this rule up to the first place. It appears that this work fine, because when I perform a correlation, the users are correctly created as global users.


Problem is that first user goes fine. After second user is correlated, it is not linked to the first created global user. On log, I see a message saying that this operation can not be done, because there is already a global user created.


Is there some where I can configure correlation for some endpoint, to allow multiple accounts to be linked to the same global user? Thanks!