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What is TDM's Role in an Environment short on Datamodel expertise and Heavy on APIs via Services?

Question asked by ImBack on Jan 23, 2018
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Many subject matter experts for the Data Model have left the company and the process of creating data (or even test data) is primarily via Rest Services.  Whenever new data is needed and existing API is used or a new one is written.


This falls out of the TDM framework, which is primarily database and datamodel driven.  The Operational datastore (Database fo record) has roughly 5k tables.  There are many teams with custom APIS.  There is lag in getting APIS delivered and the framework appears to be a little unwieldy.   The services interact with different systems to accomplish a task. Does TDM have a role here? Is it worth going through the discovery phase to build a GOLD Copy.  Otherwise only Portal Forms are used and there is a lot of custom Java programming.  RoyGur 


Thanks Taylor 


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