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Location Based Auto-assignment and CI's

Question asked by jeffery.mason on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by camja06


We are a large national organization with location based auto-assignment configured and working in SDM 14.1

However, when an Incident is created and a Configuration Item is added, auto-assignment fails. This is "intentional functionaility" according to CA. (Sure seems like poor design to me). The perceived logic is that the CI field is not needed if using Location-based auto-assignment, which is a poor and wrong perception. All CI's are not Services.


Our Affected Service's are high level, so we have one entry for "Cellular"  

We have an AREA called "Wireless" with location based auto-assignment


Without adding a Configuration Item, we have no means of identifying or reporting IOS, Android, or BB incidents.


We could explode our AREA's for every type of platform but that is a huge amount of duplication. This scenario also applies to numerous other AREA's and Affected Service's that could be resolved by the ability to enter a CI.


Question: Is there any way to break the link between location based Auto-assignment and the CI field? 


Without adding Affected Service's or AREA's, does anyone have another suggestion to resolve this issue?