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grpmem custom column

Question asked by Thiqah on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Michael Mueller

we have added a custom column to grpmem table as follows: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Factory: grpmem //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// OBJECT grpmem { ATTRIBUTES Group_Member { zorg SREL org // SRel_Attr_Entry grpmem.zorg SERVICE_PROVIDER_ELIGIBLE; }; }; 




mycase is : I need to limit the view of categories depending on the groups that the logged user is a member of . 

every category has an "Organization" field =>

every Group has "Organization" field. so; 



grp1 (org=org1) 



Appcategory ( org=org1) 

Emailcategory (org=org2) 

Networkcategory (org=org3) 


analyst1is member of ( grp1,grp2) 

then analyst1 can view category( Email,Application) only ==> not Network because he is not memeber of grp3





I used the following Data Partition on "Prob_Category" table with "View" organization.[zorg]group_list.member IN ( but I faced error message : "AHD05800:Bad where clause. invalid constraint. Unable to resolve organization.[zorg]group_list.member." kindly advice