Ca PPM Upgrade

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Hi All,


I recently performed the upgrade activity for a client (On Premise) in their lower environment. It was challenging yet interesting. 

So thought of sharing, quick overview of Ca PPM upgrade. 


1) First step involves in going through the release notes to find the compatibility of the system (H/w & S/w) with target environment.

2) Run the assessment utility tool to discover the complexity of the environment and to draft the road map accordingly.

3) In the installation stage the Consultant have to install Java (setting up environment variables) then Tomcat then extract the install.bat file and kick off the installation.
Note: Make sure we bring down all the service, pause scheduled jobs and deactivate all the triggered as pre-requisite.

4) During the Upgrade process it prompt for current file location, we have to give the location of the old install location (existing version) and then on the second prompt we have to give the source path of the new version to be installed.

5) Once all the installation is completed (takes appx 4 to 6 hours depend upon complexity of the environment), bring up the bring up the services (Beacon, APP and BG) , resume paused jobs and enable triggers.


Feel free to share your thoughts. We can extend this discussion by sharing more points and asking questions.


Kind Regards,
Kirubakaran Devaprasad