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Change the "autosys" user password on the Linux agent machine?

Question asked by sveetil on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by panni04

We use Autosys 11.3.6 SP0 in our environment hosted on the Linux server.


Just in case, we change the password of the "autosys" user on the linux agent machines, will that impact our jobs?


For example:


/* ----------------- CM_CMXJOB01-HSBC-CD-STMT_FSM_P ----------------- */

insert_job: TEST_FSM_P job_type: CMD

command: auto_ps7 -j jb -Z UNX PRD BANK-STMT JOB01 AUTOSYS

machine: FSM

owner: autosys

permission: gx,ge,wx

date_conditions: 0

condition: s(TEST_PREVIOUS_FSM_P)

description: "Import bank statement"

std_out_file: "$AUTOSTG/fs/logs/$AUTO_JOB_NAME.log"

std_err_file: "$AUTOSTG/fs/logs/$AUTO_JOB_NAME.log"

alarm_if_fail: 1

send_notification: F

notification_msg: "Job failed. This is a Priority 1 issue. Contact oncall."



There is a local user named "autosys" on the FSM server and if the password of that user changes, do I need to update anything anywhere? OR Can I simply continue running the jobs in Autosys?


I know if the password for a user is changed on the Windows server, we will need to update the autosys_secure file. I never updated the autosys_secure file for a Linux user.


Can someone throw some light on this please?