IDMS Quiesce questions

Discussion created by SchulzP on Jan 24, 2018
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IDMS Quiesce with wait.


We are making changes to our backup and recovery processes and want to use quiesce to establish points to recover to. I have a few questions:

1) DCMT Q AREA areaname* WAIT 60 FORCE NOHOLD ID quname

Does this command execute in the background and return control to the user right away or does it actually wait and return control once the quiesce is completed? I am going to run this in UCFBTCH and want to know if I have to code additional steps to ensure the quiesce is complete (or for my Wait 60 seconds) prior to proceeding.

2) I want to Quiesce/backup files and areas that are used together. I have several copies of my database files for any one system (in my testing environments). Some are used online in my CV and others are copies that can be used in local mode batch. How can I tell which groups of files are used together? I assume this is what my DBNAMEs are used for but I am having trouble making sense of the DBNAME-DBTABLE-Subschema-Area/File mappings. Do my offline copies used in local mode still need definitions in the catalog in order to be used? The batch still has to tell IDMS where to look for the Subschema and record definitions, right?

3) Are quiesce points stored in IDMS somwhere? It doesn't look like they are marked in the Journal. Is there another area where they get put? Right now we are looking in our CV started task sysout to get our quiesce point time stamps.