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CAUIM vs ServiceNow - Wrong Message Sent

Question asked by Jean Gomes on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by Jean Gomes

Hello CA Guys,


I think we got a interesting case here. Let me show you!


We use ServiceNow to open tickets from Nimsoft alarms, this is simple and we use Sngtw probe.


On 15th of January,  Nimsoft generated a critical alarm, with the following information:


Alarm ID: XG59644361-63772

Message: The interface 'Gi2 / 0/7' (Description: 'BR06-WAAS-02 port ***') on '10 .55.46.65 'is down.

Severity: critical


Every critical alarm is sent to ServiceNow and a ticket is created.

However, the created ticket was opened with another message.


Alarm ID: XG59644361-63772

Message: Description: The interface 'Gi1 / 0/7' (Description: 'BR06-WAAS-02 port ***') on '10 .55.46.65 'is down.


You can see that the alarm on Nimsoft is from Gi2 / 0/7 interface, and in ticket it is 'Gi1 / 0/7'. How did this happen?


Follow prints of this case:



On syslog of SOAP that is sent to ServiceNow, we can confirm that a message with 'Gi1 / 0/7' interface message arrived. 


<description xsi:type="xsd:string">The interface 'Gi1/0/7' (Description: 'BR06-WAAS-02 porta ***') on '' is down.</description>



Anyone have an ideia about how did this happen? .


Summary of our environment:

CA UIM 8.20

HUB 7.70


NAS 8.56

SNGTW 2.22