Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Is Siteminder webagent 12.52 SP1 officially compatible and supported with SM Policy Server 12.7 ?

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on Jan 25, 2018



We're thinking to upgrade our environment, and we have some questions about support of Web Agent 12.52SP1 with Policy Server 12.7.


1 - Is Siteminder webagent 12.52 SP1 officially compatible and

supported with SM Policy Server 12.7 ?


2 - When does Siteminder webagent 12.52 go out-of-support?


3 - What is the official webagent replacement for webagent 12.52 (if

it runs out-of-support)? Is there going to be a new version?




1 - Yes, Web Agent 12.52SP1 is compatible with Policy Server 12.7 as

stated by our Support Matrix :




4 CA Security Cross Product Compatibility

4.1 Policy Server and Agents Compatibility CA Single Sign - On Policy

Server 12.7 supports previous versions of Agents and Access Gateways

(previously called Secure Proxy Server) with the following caveats:


Any 6.x versions of Web Agents, Access Gateways (previously called

Secure Proxy Server), ERP Agents, ASA Agents, and 5.x versions of ERP

Agents that are not beyond their end-of-service date do not support

IPv6 or FIPS Mode (and can only connect to 12.7 Policy Server in FIPS

Compatibility Mode).


2 - Web Agent 12.52 has no date so far. Check regularly the latest

Support Matrix for compatibility.


From the following page, you'll see the date of February 28, 2019

for 12.52, but if you follow the link, you'll notice that concerns

only those components and not the Web Agent :


Policy Server

Administration application/UI

Policy Server SDK (Policy Server APIs only)

CA Single Sign-On Access Gateway (previously Secure Proxy Server)

CA Single Sign-On Advanced Password Services


CA Single Sign-On (formerly CA SiteMinder) Release and Support Lifecycle Dates


Note that "Pure Java Agent API" is "Agent API" and not "Policy

Server API" as mentioned in the above. So as long as you don't

manage the Policy Store data with the SDK Policy Server API, so

you get support.


3 - The replacement is to move to CA Access Gateway (SPS) which in the

latest version includes Web Agent Option Pack and SessionLinker among

the others.


KB : TEC1058757