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CA SDM 17.0. Process incoming mail

Question asked by ahd on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by ahd

Hello everyone,


we are currently testing on CA SDM 17.0 and are encoutering the following issue:


Once a mail is sent to SDM and processed to generate a new incident/... the e-mail subject is prepended to the incident/...-summary surrounded by square brackets and dashes followed by the first part of the mail body.
We now would like to change this behaviour to act as follows:
- the exact e-mail subject is copied to the incidient/...-summary w/o any square brackets, dashes or else
- the e-mail body (w/o the prepended subject) is copied to the incident/...-description


Is there any recommendation on how to achieve this behaviour? TextAPI possibly?

Best regards,
Steffen Knipp