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Timesheet notifications

Question asked by Richwilko on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Joxi_Mujika

We are currently on version 15.3 using the new timesheets.


The 'send reminder' functionality is extremely useful in the new timesheet interface, however we have run into some issues when switching this on. 


When you click on the 'send reminder' button within the new timesheets interface the user will receive an email notification so say please complete your timesheet etc, however by switching this on it also means that our resource managers are getting an automatic email when a user submits a timesheet (this is very annoying). 


Is there a way to turn on the 'send reminder' functionality without the system automatically emailing our RM when a new timesheet has been submitted?



I have had to turn off email notifications as this seems to be what links both the 'send reminder' functionality and the submission of timesheets to RMs.

Would appreciate any feedback...