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AWS clustering

Question asked by ManojManoharan on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by voged01

1. It is documented that the members of a CA Privileged Access Manager synchronization cluster that is created within AWS must be located within the same AWS VPC subnet. So in this case it is not possible to have the active-active synchronization cluster in different availability zone meaning the primary node of A-A sync cluster in one availability zone and secondary node of the A-A sync cluster on different availability zone since the subnets cannot span across availability zones?


2. having only two instances purchased in the above case we can only have a multi site cluster spread across two availability zones: one instance in the primary site (Availability zone 1a) and One instance in the secondary site(Availability zone 1b) pulling asynchronous data from primary site? 


Could anyone please confirm if an active-active synchronization cluster on AWS can span across availability zones?