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Change Detector exclude/include

Question asked by osvaldog on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2018 by Hallett_German

Hi everybody


I'm fighting with exclude / include in Change Detector Fileset because I following the instructions of documentations but APM doesn't show me what I want.


Agent: Tomcat 10.5.x

EM: 10.5.x


I'm using the famous Math Lab app as example, and I configured change detector like this:



<!-- This file was automatically generated by the Introscope ChangeDetector Config File Wizard -->

<datasource-instance name="LocalMONITOR" type="file" version="8.0">

<property name="filesPerIteration" value="50"/>
<property name="delayBetweenIterations" value="3" unit="sec"/>
<property name="explodeArchiveFiles" value="true"/>
<property name="maxFileSizeToUpload" value="500" unit="MB"/>

<property name="useDigest" value="needed"/>

<fileset name="FSLocal_Monitor">
<exclude pattern ="(.*)AutoProbe(.*)\.log">
<include pattern="(.*)\.log"/>

<scan-directory recursive="true" name="/home/osvaldo/CA/Agentes/AgenteTomcat/wily/logs" fileset="FSLocal_Monitor" enabled="true">


<datasource-type name="classmonitor" class="com.wily.rave.agent.ds.classmonitor.RuntimeClassMonitorConfig" />
<datasource-type name="database" class="com.wily.rave.agent.ds.db.DBDataSourceConfig" />
<datasource-type name="file" class="com.wily.rave.agent.ds.file.FileDataSourceConfig" />
<datasource-type name="javaenv" class="com.wily.rave.agent.ds.sysprop.SysPropDataSourceConfig" />


From my file system logs I just want monitoring changes in IntroscopeAgent.MathClient.log



If I deploy agent with this change detector configuration 


<fileset name="FSLocal_Monitor">
<exclude pattern ="(.*)AutoProbe(.*)\.log">
<include pattern="(.*)\.log"/>


and I get this info in Investigator


but if I change fileset

<fileset name="FSLocal_Monitor">
<exclude pattern="(.*)IntroscopeAgent\.MathSimpleBackend\.log" />
<exclude pattern="(.*)IntroscopeAgent\.MathProxy\.log" />
<exclude pattern="(.*)IntroscopeAgent\.MathComplexBackend\.log" />
<exclude pattern ="(.*)AutoProbe(.*)\.log">
<include pattern="(.*)\.log"/>


I get no monitor values




This is a trial where I'm trying to understand how excludes works, because I must do something like that in a customer.


Could somebody help me please?