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Mail Eater rule error

Question asked by diogo.nobrega on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by diogo.nobrega

Hi all,


I'm trying to build a Mail Eater rule for creating a Change Request when receiving a message. At first, I got this error:

domsrvr              5444 ERROR        top_ob.c              4030 Got msg with type set to 0
spelsrvr             5024 ERROR        cr_chg_text_api.spl   1387 AHD58009:Não foi possível criar Requisição de mudança. Motivo: INVALID - AHD03075:O atributo necessário status está ausente no objeto Requisição de mudança


The second line translates to "AHD58009:Unable to create Change Request. Reason: INVALID - AHD03075:The attribute status is not present in object Request change".


Ok, so I did some research and learned that I needed to put the text %STATUS=Aberto% (Open) into the message, so SDM will know the status is "Aberto" (Open).


However, when I put this string in the message, I got the following error:

spelsrvr             5024 ERROR        pcexec.c              6403 Spell interp failed at text_api.spl:2385:fetch_dob_list | text_api.spl:2221:fetch_dob | text_api.spl:2172:fetch_dob_string | text_api.spl:1453:lookup_chg_status | text_api.spl:498:tapi_set_col_attr | cr_chg_text_api.spl:706:text_api::cmd_cr_chg: Arg mismatch in printf or scanf


Anyone have a hint in what this could be? Note: I'm already using Plain Text in the messages.


Thanks in advance,