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How to expose an api with swagger and adjust the basePath?

Question asked by eduardooliveira on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by eduardooliveira

I have some apis that I want to expose in the gateway, using the gateway as a proxy. The API has a Swagger file and I tried to use the "Publish Swagger Service" but that did not work since the base path on the swagger doc is just '/' but in the proxy should be something like '/apiname'.
I thinked in replace the basePath attribute in the swagger.json
I tried something like that:


But I am getting this error:
2018-01-29T13:04:07.919-0200 WARNING 61950 com.l7tech.external.assertions.evaluatejsonpathexpression.server.ServerEvaluateJsonPathExpressionAssertion: 9648: Error occurred evaluating JSON Path: 'Invalid container object'

I already test the swagger against some json validators and it is in correct format. In the test tab it works too.


Is there a better way to do this? There is any other way to change a variable in a json response?