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does the ews_response probe need a profile to bounce/respond to a test from another ews_response probe?

Question asked by rtirak on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Gene_Howard

I have two machines with the ews_response probe on them. One is setup with an exchange account and than has a profile setup to send an email to the account that is setup on the other ews_response probe on the other server. It also has the check mark to Bounce Nimsoft Test email from other sources back to sender. However when I look in the mailboxes I see the emails being sent from response probe 1 to response probe 2 however nothing relaying or bouncing back to probe 1? Should I not see a sent email from probe 2 back to probe 1?


Also that being said probe 2 which is the responder, does not have a profile setup it just has the exchange mailbox username and server name saved in it. I cant find the documentation that actually shows excatly how this use case is supposed to be configured, does anyone have something like this setup or know the answer to what I am trying to achieve?