Product Announcement - Super Customizable CFD Improvements

Discussion created by grama23 Employee on Jan 30, 2018
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Many of you know and love the Super Customizable Cumulative Flow Diagram app, which is now in the Community app catalog. Thanks to morky01, there are some amazing new improvements that makes this app even more awesome! Any instances of this Community app will automatically be updated with these new changes, but if you're using a custom HTML or subscription version of this app, you can switch to the Community version to get these great changes.


For those of you that aren't familiar with this app, Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFDs) are amazing ways to view your Team’s flow, and are available in Agile Central for iterations, releases, milestones, and other buckets. This app lets you further customize CFDs by choosing the type of item to track, the field you want to group by, and even the timeframe for the chart.



Note, this cannot be used in on-premises installations.




Huge Performance Improvement

One of the greatest benefits of this work is a significant performance improvement. This app will now only load data for the timebox in question rather than all of the history of the workspace, which means that it will load more quickly and will be much more responsive to settings changes.


Ability to Export

Now with the export button available at the top right of the app, you can export all of the data for the chart to manipulate in whatever way you'd like outside of Agile Central.



Start/End Dates Respecting Page Scope + Today Option for End Date

This app now respects the iteration/release/milestone scope of the page, including allowing you to set the start and end dates to those of the timebox of the page. In addition, there's an option to set end date to be "Today", meaning that the end date will automatically move forward to the current date without having to change app settings every day.



Basic and Advanced Filters

The addition of basic and advanced filters (available with the filter button at the top left) makes it even easier to hone in on the data that interests you the most.



Switching From Custom HTML to Community Version Of The App

Many of you are probably still using the custom HTML version of this app, or a version that's included in your subscription app catalog. By switching to the version in the Community App Catalog, you will automatically get updates to this app when they become available. To start using the Community version of this app, you first need to ensure that the Community App Catalog is enabled for your subscription. Then you will be able to find this app in the app catalog with a green "Community" badge to help distinguish it from any subscription or custom HTML version. You can use the badges to find instances of subscription or custom HTML version of this app, then use the app catalog to add the Community version in place of the other versions.


Use Cases for the Super Customizable CFD App

CFDs can answer many questions about your Team, such as:

  • Forecast and track progress: The states of the scheduled work items indicate the progress of your development as it moves to completion. To determine if you are on target to complete the work within the scheduled iteration, track the accepted state.
  • Manage scope: As your scheduled work item bars become level, it is easy to see when excess work is added to a timebox. If the level of the bars do not remain uniform and instead continue to increase, you need to re-address the scope of your timebox.
  • Identify bottlenecks: Use the rolled-up states of your scheduled work items to determine if there are trends that indicate bottlenecks. For example, a large section of scheduled items in a completed state as compared to a small amount of accepted may indicate a testing roadblock