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APM 9.7.1: Upgrading WebSphere from 7 to 8.5

Question asked by patrickjo44 on Jan 30, 2018
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We currently have over 4 dozen Wily Java agents running in our APM 9.7.1 environment and also WebSphere 7.0, Server admins are in process of upgrading WebSphere to 8.5, my question is in our IntroscopeAgent Profiles, we are using the 'ws70x.pbd' file, is there a "ws80x.pbd' file for moving to WebSphere 8.5?


/introscopeAgent971/wily/core/config]$  ls -trl ws*
-rwxrwxr--    1 cseadmin cseadmnp       1261 Mar 16 2015  ws70x.pbd
-rwxrwxr--    1 cseadmin cseadmnp      11411 Mar 16 2015  ws60x.pbd



Pat O'Connor