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Where can I get more (self) education materials

Question asked by mtognetti on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by mtognetti

Good Afternoon Community,


I am at a loss.  I am beginning a project where we would like to send/receive data from 3rd party software program and CA PPM.  What we would like to do is kick off a process when a new record is created in the 3rd party software which will then CREATE an IDEA in CA PPM, then because we are in the same session, return the IDE# created to the 3rd party software.


My dilemma, currently, is my lack of comfort with doing this.  I have a partner from the 3rd party side.  We would like to utilize webservice/soap calls.  But we are currently unable to include the tenantID in the call as the software is stripping this off of the url.  We have tried a more manual method and he is able to create the connection and see the connection string.  My job is to get him some "read" code so we can test the waters.


I can see the WSDL services, I can see the readproject but I need more education and a much better understanding of how to invoke this (preferable without SOAPSonar).  What I am looking to the community for is recommendations on where I can get that education.  I have taken the Integration Course (18 months ago) and I am reviewing the materials, but the type of process we are looking at creating was beyond the scope of that course.  I have searched the web, DOCOPS, and YouTube.  I just don't seem to be dialing in the correct search terms or what I am looking for truly doesn't exist.  


I look forward to your recommendations.  


Thank you.