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MObile application ISSUES

Question asked by La-Qa on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by Chi_Chen

Hello Team


We are facing multiple issues while using casm mobile application


1.Users having employee role are not able to create the tickets. For this issue i found the following url and i desperately need to know when this issue will be resolved??? 

*** Alert - Known Issue with Mobile Application connecting to SDM 17.0 *** 




2.Admin role user can login to application and can create tickets as well but cannot open attachment on any ticket.


We have some custom fields also in our SDM Incident form which we did same for Mobile Application incident form by adding Mobile Attributes option. The fields are showing but cannot save the ticket.


We have 3 custom fields, 2 are text boxes for mobile number and IP number respectively & one for Branches field to select while logging a fresh incident.


User can search the branches list and select and save the ticket successfully without putting anything in those 2 custom text field  but when we put text those 2 fields(IP and mobile #) it gives error and saying 'cannot create the ticket'.


followling is the screenshot of 3 custom field we i added. these are the same field we have on sdm gui incident form. 


please help us to resolve this issue as i have created another thread while ago for mobile application in which i mentioned issue cannot create ticket with analyst role.