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Flowdock does not display Bitbucket build notifications

Question asked by SampoKoskela on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by bello01

I was wondering is this known issue, or is there something wrong with Flowdock <-> Bitbucket integration?



Added Bitbucket integration to my flow. Updated Bitbucket repository webhooks with the given url and selected following triggers:

1. Push

2. Build status created

3. Build status updated



After I push changes to my repository Flowdock will receive notification as expected. However, I'm not able to get notifications from the two other triggers (which for my opinion are more important) "Build status created" and "Build status updated". What is weird here is that Bitbucket show "201 Created" response from Flowdock for all of the three triggers. 


PFA for screenshots. 


Any suggestions how this issue could be fixed?