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EEM multiple LDAP

Question asked by paulofreire75 on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by paulofreire75

I have my EEM (used for user valitation in CA SDM, Catalog, USS and ITPAM) configured to access multiple remote active directories (I have multiple AD because we use SDM in multi tenancy configuration).

The access to the multiple Active Directories are via vpn access configured in the EEM server to the varios ADs that I need to access.

Other day noone are able to log to the applications (SDM returned a login timeout error) and after login to EEM server (the same server that has SDM and USS installed), I´m not able to log to EEM interface.

I´m suspecting that a instability with one of out AD access caused the problem.

After a coupe of minutes, the EEM are responsible again and all can log again in the applications.

My suspicious of unavailability of one AD can cause this kind of instability in EEM access?

If yes, there are some configuration that can be done to prevent this?