Make it more difficult to delete defect suites from Rally (CA Agile Central)

Discussion created by B.Oswalt on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by InnaShulman1354537

My company has had at least six instances where defect suites are inadvertently being deleted in Rally. This tends to happen most frequently when Rally users try to remove a defect from a defect suite.

To replicate. 1. Open a specific defect. 2. Click on Defect Suites. 3. Click on the setting wheel for the defect suite to be removed. Result: two options are available at the bottom of the settings wheel: (a) Remove and (b) Delete. Issue: Team members will inadvertently hit Delete thinking they are deleting the defect from the defect suite; however, they actually delete the Defect Suite instead.

Possible Recommendations to consider:

- Please remove the "Delete" option when in an open defect. It should not be available in this setting due to the confusion it causes users.

- Change the "Remove" label to "Remove defect from defect suite"

- Make it so only the person who created the defect suit has the ability to delete the defect suite from Rally.