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'gtdep' table in target database

Question asked by camja06 Employee on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by camja06

Hi Team,


I have recently noticed using TDM 4.3 that a table 'gtdep_msss_plan_table' exists in Target database 'Travel_E'.  What would have caused this to happen?  I would prefer to only have tables related to the test schema created in the target database.  Is it possible to prevent this 'gtdep' table from being created, or perhaps to delete it in a post-action?  I can't say which tool created the table, as I've been using Subset, FDM, TDM Portal and Datamaker.  Any comments welcome.  The target is the 'Travel_E' sample - it is of course entirely possible that the 'gtdep' table was there out-of-the-box and I simply didn't notice it before.