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Apply OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials on SOAP service

Question asked by ramya.behra on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by ramya.behra

Is it possible to apply OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials grant type on an existing SOAP service? If it is possible, what are the assertions to be used and how to pass the auth_token from SOAPUI? I tried sending the details in the Header as explained below, but it does NOT work for SOAP.


Client: SOAP UI:

Header: Authorization

Value: Bearer <auth token>


Policy Manager (Policy Config):

1) Assertion: "OTK Require OAuth 2.0 Token" (with scope string, cache 3600, false, false and access token left empty)

2) Assertion:"Return Template Response to Requestor"



OTK : 4.1

API Gateway: 9.2


Note: same policy config works for a REST endpoint.