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How do I resolve concurrency issues when using WS API's for test case exection results

Question asked by ChristineE on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by morky01

After executing our test automation we are sending the results into Rally.  Here are the steps that we are following:

1)  Create new Test Set

2)  Add Test Case to Test set - The test case already exists in a test folder

3)  Query for the test case within the test set

4)  Post the results to the testcase within the test set.


The issue we are running into is in step 3 above.  Sometimes, when a read is done to find the test case in the test set, it is unable to find it and so the results cannot be posted. 


We have actually adjusted the code so it attempts 4 times with a 20 second delay between the third and 4th attempt and there are still several where results cannot be posted to Rally.


If anyone else has run into this issue and could provide guidance on a resolution that would be great.


I didn't include code because the majority of times it works.  It is just on occasion (15 out of 170 tests) it fails to find the test case in the testset and so cannot post results.