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SDM 14.1.04 IRP Workflow Tasks

Question asked by jeffery.mason on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by jeffery.mason

Excited to see WF tasks are available for incidents requests and problems, but when I got into it, it seems like some vital pieces are missing. I contacted support to find out why we were missing the Menubar Search for IRP Tasks. I was told that search for IRP tasks is not available. Huh? How can we find our tasks if there is no search function? Seems like a pretty basic function that was missed - by design or defect?  Sure, I can create a whack of Stored Queries to cover many of the possibilities, but it's a clumsy poor alternative.

The next surprise is that there is no way to edit a completed task. Again, by design or defect? Either way it makes the whole WF task function very difficult to use effectively. 

Has anyone had any success with resolving either of these basic deficiencies?