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Is there a concept of setting instance based variables in CA SV?

Question asked by SARTH_GUPTA on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2018 by Rick.Brown

HI All,


I have a requirement in which once a request comes ,I need to extract some request parameters and set them as DevTest Properties (using testExec.setStateValue method) so that they can be used when some other request comes and need their value.


I am able to achieve this functionality now however one problem that I am facing is that the value of Devtest property is overridden if another request comes before the request where I intend to use this set Devtest property and hence it overrides the previous value.


So I would like to ask if somehow I can set Devtest property(variable) on instance basis so that the value is identified by some instance and even if multiple requests come in between ,still the correct value is returned when required.


Any help on this topic is much appreciated.



Sarthak Gupta