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ISO 8583 TCP/IP Live Invocation comunication

Question asked by MarioRG on Feb 13, 2018



We developed a Virtual Service based on standard ISO8583 using TCP/IP, it is working fine providing virtualized responses but cannot connect to Live System in case it is necessary. So it uses two message type for request and two for response: 

0800 - request comunication

0810 - response comunication

0200 - request Payment/Purchase

0210 - response Payment/Purchase


This VS is a little different than the ones we have developed using the ISO8583 standard, it uses a double comunication:

Client 0800 ----> VS

Client <---- 0810 VS

Client <---- 0800 VS

Client 0810 ----> VS


I tried by adding some steps after Live Invocation Step to connect to live system simulating the VS as client:

VS 0800 ----> Live

VS <---- 0810  Live

VS <---- 0800  Live

VS 0810 ---->  Live

and saving the request that we don't have response (0200) in a property to send it after the connection is done but it did not work.


Are there someone that has been able to solve a situation like this?


We are working with DevTest 10.1



Thanks in advance!