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CA APM CloudFoundry Monitoring

Question asked by zyxphreez on Feb 14, 2018
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Hi Guys
I have the following Scenario:

1) Cloud foundry account over IBM Bluemix,
2) A Tomcat Application
3) MOM & Colls over Internet on my datacenter

When i use the java buildpack:

The instrumentation of the CA APM Agent works correctly!!!!!!


cf push myapplication -p application.war -b

But!!!, when i use a Java Liberty app, with DEFAULT buildpack doesn´t work.

1) CA Tech, only support java_buildpack?, because the liberty community repository don't contain the introscope Framework,


Only can see appdynamics, dynatrace, newrelic agents.............. :(

The CA online Documentation describe the following prerequisites
Java buildpack version 4.4 or higher :(

2) There is a roadmap to support and development for the others buildpacks?

3) How can i do to monitor apps of Bluemix that have a java liberty application server or applications selected from bluemix catalog.

Liberty for Java(TM) (WAR, liberty-17.0.0_4, buildpack-v3.17.1-20180131-1532, ibmjdk-1.8.0_20171216, env)

4) Somebody has Knowledge about CloudFoundry, i tried to upgrade the default buildpacks with custom packs, but i got this error:
"You are not authorized to perform the requested action"

PDTA: i'm developer/admin of bluemix account